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The men of Division 7 Roofing stand behind our most recent new hire!

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President John Kiesel holds the ladder for her first steps taken to success as a Division 7 Roofing team member!











The men of Division 7 Roofing stand behind our most recent new hire! Division 7 Roofing has made the commitment to our tag line, “Roofing with Integrity” in every aspect of our business and we always have. Roofing has traditionally not been a “female” field but that is quickly changing. Women are starting to become a driving force in the roofing industry with the newly formed councils of National Women in Roofing (NWiR) around the country. Division 7 Roofing is excited to be a part of the movement and welcome women who want an opportunity.

Your Commercial Roof Is Now 100% Deductible

The new tax reform bill is passing along savings to commercial building owners who make qualified real estate improvements to their properties. Formerly, commercial building owners were only allowed to expense improvements made to the interior of their buildings. Recently the new tax reform bill put into effect in 2018 allows expensing of improvements to the structural and exterior portions of non-residential buildings including roofs, HVAC systems, fire protection, alarm systems and security systems.

According to Toni Nitti, a Forbes.com contributor, “The Section 179 limitation will be increased to $1,000,000 for tax years beginning after 2017, with the phase-out beginning at $2,500,000 of qualifying assets placed in service.” To read more of Toni’s in-depth article on the tax reform click here.

Ohio re-roofing

School re-roofing project in Ohio

The Caps at Union Station Columbus Re-Roofing

Re-Roofing Project: The Cap at Union Station

Division 7 Roofing, a commercial and industrial roofing contractor in Columbus, Ohio takes great pride in projects that are unusual and  ones that can be difficult. The Caps at Union Station is no exception. This job was challenging, but it brought out our strengths of teamwork, dedication and ingenuity. Division 7 Roofing offers low-slope, single-ply commercial roofing services throughout Ohio and the surrounding states. We harness one of the largest service fleets in Central, Ohio and are proud to offer our clients unmatched service and help in roof asset management.

Division 7 Roofing completed the re-roofing project, The Cap at Union Station. See below for details!

Industrial Roofing Contractor

The Caps at Union Station Columbus Re-Roofing