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What Benefits Do You Get When Working With Division 7 Roofing?

What Benefits Do You Get When Working With Division 7 Roofing?

The roof is arguably the most critical structure comprising your commercial or industrial property. Because of this, you must be confident your roofing contractor can maintain it correctly. 

When you work with Division 7, you can expect high-quality results and more. Here are three of the key benefits you can experience when you hire Division 7 experts. 

Division 7 Emphasizes Integrity in Their Work

No other commercial roofing contractor cares as deeply about their work as the professionals of Division 7 roofing. Everything they do aligns with their company principles, and they consistently prioritize their customers’ needs. 

Plus, they’re licensed, bonded, and insured, demonstrating their capabilities and standards.

One of Division 7’s main focuses is the provision of roofing services with integrity. This means:

  • They treat each customer with fairness and respect
  • Division 7 experts guarantee the equitable treatment of property owners and colleagues 
  • The company practices transparency with shareholders
  • All Division 7 professionals exercise their values and provide leadership to their community and industry

There’s no doubt this commercial roofing contractor has walked the walk. They’ve worked on some of central Ohio’s biggest commercial properties, such as Hobby Lobby, Continental Realty, and North Central Mental Health Services. 

Time and again, their commercial services prove to be top-notch. Since 1979, Division 7 has become the go-to roofer for many commercial and industrial property owners in the area. Customers are consistently happy with their work, signaling impeccable service quality and dedication.

Comprehensive, Industry-Leading Commercial Roofing Services

When you have your commercial roof installed or maintained by the experts at Division 7, you’ll get service powered by cutting-edge, industry-leading equipment. These roofers only use the best of the best for their customers. Even back in the ’80s, Division 7 led the charge of innovation in roofing services and technology. 

The company diversified its services thanks to its access to the industry’s latest equipment, expanding into the following roofing systems: 

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) systems: EPDM is a highly durable, synthetic rubber material used in low-slope buildings. Specifically, this is used for the membrane.
  • Multiple Heat-Welded Systems: Heat welding is an excellent way to ensure structural integrity when installing a roof. Specifically, it helps strengthen the seams. Typically, these are the roof’s weakest parts. However, with this technique, the heat-welded material will be reinforced, extending its lifespan and saving you maintenance costs.
  • Modified Bitumen Systems: These systems are increasingly popular and specifically designed to reduce the labor requirements associated with roofing work. Because of this design goal, you could potentially save money on installation!
  • Conventional Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems: This is one of the most common roofing materials contractors use on low-slope, or “flat, roofs. It provides the greatest assurance for a continuous seal across the surface, improving weather and water protection. This system has been used in roofing for about one century. 
  • Metal Roofing: Division 7 can help you out with your metal roofing needs as well. This material is more suitable for some industrial property owners due to its longevity, durability, and eco-friendliness. 

In addition to the broad range of roof systems Division 7 can work with, they also provide a wide variety of services to boot. So whether you need an assessment, installation, repair, maintenance, or anything in-between, these experts have got you covered.

150 Years of Experience in Reliable Commercial Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important structures – if not the most important. It protects you and your customers from the environment, shielding you from harsh weather like rain and snow, as well as pests. It also helps save energy, insulating your facility to maintain a comfortable microclimate. 

Although most commercial real estate owners don’t give this feature a passing thought, the roof is more crucial to your daily life than you might realize. Since roof damage is one of the most common issues plaguing building owners, confidence in your roofer is essential. 

Division 7 has been serving the Central Ohio area since 1979, installing roofs for commercial and industrial structures, providing preventive maintenance services, repairs, and much more. Each technician genuinely values their work and customers and ensures the job is not done until you’re satisfied. 

Though Division 7 has been in business for 35 years, all the roofers collectively have about 150 years of cumulative experience informing their techniques. So if there’s any commercial roofing contractor in the Ohio area you can trust to consistently provide high-quality work for your commercial property, it’s this organization. 

Need Your Roof Repaired?

Division 7 is central Ohio’s oldest and most trusted commercial roofing contractor. By now, you understand why. Whether you need an assessment, repair, or any other roofing services, rest assured these experts can help you. Contact Division 7 today for help with your property in or around Columbus, Ohio.