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How Can You Choose The Best Roofing Contractor?

How Can You Choose The Best Roofing Contractor?

You already know you’ll need a quality roofing contractor for your commercial building. Except, how do you choose one? Not every roofing contractor does equal work, so you could be taking a gamble no matter what you pick. There’s the money matter too. If one charges more, does it mean it’s higher quality? Or could someone be scamming you? How do you know a contractor consistently does good work?

We’ve put together a few pointers to show you how to choose the best roofer. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll find the best roofer for your commercial building lickety-split!

1. They Have the Proper Licensure

A good roofing contractor will have the required local licenses, insurance, certifications, and training to do their job well. They are well-versed in how to work on all different roof types safely and efficiently. You can ask to see this paperwork, or you can look on the roofer’s website for extra peace of mind. Roofers should also provide a written estimate and at least two or three references.

2. They Know the Town/Area Well

Most people tend to pick roofing contractors with a history of their area. They have been around for a long time and know the residents’ roofing needs.

An excellent roofing contractor will be familiar with the weather in your area. For example, in central Ohio, where intense storms sometimes occur, your roofing contractor should know the best practices for bracing your roof against storm damage.

Roofing contractors are committed full-time to their company and are experts on any roofing job.

3. They Have High Ratings and Reviews

A trustworthy roofing contractor has built up a loyal clientele. If you look them up on social media or their website, you’ll find plenty of good reviews which discuss the roofer’s specific strengths. 

You may also find references on those sites. Feel free to call them if you want reassurance for the roofer’s true quality. You might even ask your neighbors if the roofer has done work for them. They might even recommend the roofer to you.

Additionally, the contractor’s website may have a portfolio. Scroll through past projects to see what they have tackled.

4. They Communicate Well with Potential Clients

A good roofing contractor will have plenty of ways for you to reach them, whether by phone or email. They’ll also get back to you within a reasonable time frame with answers to questions. They’ll keep in contact with you even after they’ve finished the jobs to make sure they have done an excellent job and you’re satisfied.

Good roofers will also be open about the entire assessment and roofing process. They’ll take you step-by-step through what they’ll do for your roof. You’ll either find the information listed on their website or when they meet with you for the actual job.

5. They Are Thorough With Their Assessments

Before any work gets done, a good roofer will have a first assessment free of charge to you. They’ll go up on your roof, into your attic, and anywhere else they need to do their job. They must be thorough with their assessments as well. In some cases, the roofer may invite you to inspect with them.

6. They Don’t Ask for Payment Upfront

Good roofing contractors will wait to ask you for payment immediately. They usually won’t ask for a fee until they do an assessment and estimate the work.

7. They Give Detailed Estimates

Roofing contractors should not have vague estimates or hidden costs. The estimate should include every item they’re charging you for. Feel free to discuss the estimate with the contractor if you’re confused about any charges.

8. Their Costs Are Fair

When working with a commercial roofing contractor, you want to know their prices are fair. This is one reason to get up to three estimates. Then you can compare them, paying attention to what is listed and what isn’t. What is their communication like? You don’t want to skimp when having your flat roof worked on, but you also shouldn’t pay inflated prices.

Check reviews and talk to other property managers to see if they’ve worked with your chosen roofer and how their experience was. Don’t always go for the cheapest bid as you will rarely get the best or longest-lasting roof.


On the whole, a good roofing contractor is reasonably priced, they’ll know your area’s roofing needs, and they’ll provide you with excellent expertise. They’ll also be open to you asking questions.

If you’re in central Ohio, we at Division 7 Roofing would be proud to serve you. Go ahead and give us a phone call or email on our Contact page! We’d be delighted to hear from you!