Posts made in March 2017

Does Division 7 Roofing do residential work?

Division 7 Roofing does not have a residential division. We focus on low-slope commercial single-ply roofs. Although that is our focus, Division 7 Roofing does repair and do preventive maintenance on commercial low-sloping and sloped commercial shingle roofs. At times Division 7 Roofing does refer work out to other residential roofing contractors if we find that we would not be the best contractor for the job. However, we are always willing to come out and look at your roof and give our professional opinion.

What should I know about my commercial roofing contractor?

There are many commercial roofing contractors out there and you want to be sure you are working with one that is qualified and knowledgeable. Ensure they have a good reputation in the industry. Be sure to also understand which manufacturer’s material are they licensed to install? There are many different materials out there and they are tiered. Top commercial roofing material manufacturers are Firestone, GAF, Carlisle, Johns-Manville, Sika-Sarnafil, Garland and Dow. How many of these is your commercial roofing contractor licensed to install and repair? Ask for a reference list. A good contractor will have a good reference list of companies they have worked for and should be willing to share that information. Contractors are always proud of the work that they do. Look on a company’s website and find pictures of projects they have completed. Your roofing contractor should also be in professional associations. Professional associations give contractors access to updated safety trainings, industry updates and standards, awards and recognition.

How long will my commercial roof last?

Commercial Roofs put on correctly can last upwards of 25 to 30 years if properly maintained and preventive maintenance is completed. It is important to you to have your roof inspected twice a year and have any deficiencies addressed. Many things can cause roofs to leak such as inclement weather, foot traffic, other mechanical contractors (HVAC/Window Washers), debris, and leaf buildup. Over time your roof will wear. UV rays and heat from the sun can also cause material deterioration, failed sealants and dry rot of pitch pockets. Having your roof inspected twice a year and preventive maintenance completed will go a long way in putting off a complete roof-replacement.