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5 Reasons Commercial Roof Ventilation Fans Are Needed

You have probably spotted them on neighboring businesses, possibly without realizing it: commercial roof ventilation fans. If your business property lacks rooftop fans — or doesn’t have enough ventilation fans— you are paying a tremendous price in high energy bills. Ventilation fans are integral components of a proper roofing system; below we lay out five reasons your commercial or industrial property needs them!

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3 Ways Division 7 is the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor

What makes Division 7 Roofing the best commercial roofing contractor in Ohio? When someone comes to tell you about a movie and says “it’s the best movie they’ve ever seen”, you may be a little skeptical. But what if more and more people came to you saying the same thing about that movie? You’d be pretty quick to go watch it! We are confident we have the same perception from our trusted clients. Continue reading