Watch Miguel's story of how his life has been transformed!

Miguel has a compelling story about how his life has been transformed since being with Division 7 Roofing. It's a story about new beginnings, hard work and love for family. Miguel’s testimony shows that we offer much more than just a job.

Check the video out and build a new future with us, apply now.

Division 7 Roofing employment opportunities can be life changing for individuals with and without roofing experience. We care and continue to offer those who want to learn and work hard a path to a trade, a career, and endless opportunities to "Live the Dream", just like Miguel.

Our employee’s are the reason we are the oldest and most trusted commercial roofing contractor in Central Ohio. Take the first step, fill out our online application or call 740.913.1734 and join the Division 7 Roofing Family.

Commercial Roofers Support their Community


Division 7 Roofing employees teamed up to support Toys for Tots. This year our employee’s also went above and beyond by donating their time and gifts to the Toys for Tots program. Check out our slideshow and you will see that they even built a sleigh to help spread the holiday cheer. Here at Division 7 Roofing we love our commercial roofers and the extra steps they take to support our Central Ohio Community.

Community | Toys for Tots 2019

Division 7 Roofing is proud to support the Ohio communities in which we live and work through the Toys for Tots program. Our entire team has once again banded together to play a small part in making Christmas memorable for children throughout all of Central Ohio. This year we had a little extra fun and sent our official Division 7 Roofing Elf’s on a shopping spree to pick out some presents to donate. We love the Toys for Tots program and support it every year. Take a moment and check out our short and Fun 2019 Division 7 Community Support Video and Merry Christmas from Division 7.

Employee Appreciation and OSHA Safety Certification

Division 7 Roofing values our employees AND their safety! We recently hosted an award ceremony to recognize our commercial roofers and staff members commitment to Division 7. Various awards were given honoring individuals ranging from as little as one year to well over 30 years. Following the ceremony and meal our employees went through an OSHA certified safety training class specifically designed for industrial and commercial roofers. Our employee’s and their commitment to quality is why we are one of the oldest and most trusted commercial roofing contractors in Central Ohio.

Diversity in Roofing

Women in Roofing Columbus Ohio

Division 7 Roofing crew stands with our new hire!

Ladder to Success

President John Kiesel holds the ladder for her first steps taken to success as a Division 7 Roofing team member!











Division 7 Roofing crew stands with our new hire! Division 7 Roofing has made the commitment to our tag line, “Roofing with Integrity” in every aspect of our business and we always have. Roofing has traditionally not been a “female” field but that is quickly changing. Women are starting to become a driving force in the roofing industry with the newly formed councils of National Women in Roofing (NWiR) around the country. Division 7 Roofing is excited to be a part of the movement and welcome women who want an opportunity.