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The First Thing To Do After A Storm Damages Your Commercial Roof

A glance at the National Weather Service tells us the Columbus area has experienced some heavy weather just about every year for decades. Perhaps you recall the Blizzard of 1978, the June 2, 1990 tornadoes, or the President’s Day snowstorm of 2010. When a severe storm damages your commercial roof, what should you do?

Phone a Friend

If you have already developed a good working relationship with your local, dependable commercial roofer, you can start resolving storm damage by calling a friend, that helpful roofer. 

Call your roofer to get a quick inspection and an initial estimate for repairs or (sadly) full roof replacement. If you have already worked with your roofer on a preventive maintenance program, you rise to the top of the storm list. 

If you have not reached out to your nearby commercial roofer before the storm, you can still get help. You just might have to wait a bit, but help will be on the way. The earlier you contact your local roofer, the better. 

Why Wait?

There hasn’t been a self-healing roof invented yet. After a storm damages your commercial roof, you need to address the repairs promptly. Waiting only makes a small leak worse. Waiting turns a limited area of damage into widespread damage. 

Waiting or postponing storm damage repair also puts your business in peril. Water infiltration can damage inventory, make employees sick, introduce mold and mildew (and musty odors) into areas customers visit, and create a risk of an electrical fire. 

Emergency Roof Repair

You can differentiate between minor damage and a roofing emergency by your senses. If you see dripping water, smell mold or mildew, hear water leaking within walls, or find interior walls cold and clammy to the touch, you have a roofing emergency. 

Your local, trained commercial roofer’s crew can make prompt repairs, sometimes temporarily preserving your building while you iron out insurance issues and sometimes just completing the full repairs outright. An excellent commercial roofer will work with you through initial inspection, damage reports, estimates, Scope of Work, insurance claims, and final inspection.  

When you contact us at Division 7 Roofing, you reach trained professionals ready to respond to your roofing emergency. You may also phone us at (740) 913- 3477. We can perform prompt, effective repair after a storm damages your commercial roof, and then we can continue to inspect and maintain that roof.