Commercial Roof Inspection in Columbus, Oh

Save time, money, and your roof by scheduling a commercial roof assessment with Division 7 Roofing. We inspect visible damage and also look for hidden indicators to see if your roof needs repair. When your roof is leaking, you can depend on us for a comprehensive and thorough commercial roof inspection in Columbus, Ohio. Having provided this service since 1979, we have seen our assessment process dramatically reduce the amount of leak calls our clients have.

How the Commercial Roof Assessment Process Works

Our assessment begins with a visual inspection of the roof, but most importantly, a conversation with you. We value you as a customer and take the time to determine the problem. Some of the information we may need from you include:

  • The Age of the Roof
  • If a Manufacturer’s Warranty is in Place
  • The Number of Layers on the Roof
  • Other Pertinent Information

You may not be able to address all of our initial questions, which is fine. Our experienced technician then walks the roof and notes any deficiencies found. Once a physical assessment is completed, we take the information and compile an assessment report. We then email it to you or present our findings in person. During a commercial roof assessment, we not only look for roof leaks but also anything that could potentially cause a roof leak in the future. In addition to the entire roof, some of the components we inspect include:

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Curbs
  • Penetrations
  • Electrical Pitch Pockets
  • Skylights
  • Vents
  • Flashing

The Importance of a Roof Inspection

Your roof takes a lot of heat and abuse from the sun and weather. Our goal is to stop roof leaks before they begin. Doing so saves you money by preventing damage to your building and its contents. Our report is helpful because it shows the repairs that are needed. In addition, a commercial roofing inspection report satisfies insurance company requirements for real estate purchases and other reasons.

Depending on your roof, commercial roof inspections can take between 45 minutes to several hours to complete. We physically inspect roofs, provide written reports, and explain our finding in plain language. The report consists of a detailed roof map, conditions by roof area, itemized proposal by roof area, and future roof replacement budget if our assessment shows you need roof replacement within the next five years. Click here or below for an example of a Division 7 Roofing Commercial Roof Assessment.

Sample Roof Assessment Report - click here

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