Rooftop Equipment Removal in Columbus, OH

More than roofers, Division 7 Roofing also provides rooftop equipment removal in Columbus, OH. As trained and competent crane operators, we are able to safely maneuver items on and off the roof. From HVAC systems and satellites to anything else, we have the skill and machinery to accomplish your goals.

Our roofing company primarily performs equipment removal for commercial heating and cooling companies. Working together with various HVAC companies throughout Central Ohio, we supply boom cranes and all the heavy equipment as well as the operators needed to remove and replace of these systems. In addition, we provide the roofing services required to accommodate new HVAC units.

Safe & Sure Equipment Removal

It takes expertise to remove and place big equipment on a rooftop. This is a job left for the professionals at our company. Having served the area since 1979, we are truly experts in the field. Our staff has more than 150 years of combined experience, which means we are able to safely and correctly move equipment without causing any damage. If you have a need for rooftop equipment removal, contact us today for an inspection.

Contact us for more information about our equipment removal services. We proudly serve clients throughout Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.