Roof Installations

Whether your old roof is damaged or you need a new roofing system, we are the roof company to call for quality, prompt and efficient services.

Roof installations are only as good as the contractor performing the installation. Fortunately, when you trust our company to install a roofing system, we do it right the first time. Having served commercial customers since 1979, we have an exceptional reputation with our clients and the manufacturers whose systems we install. We specialize in commercial reroofing, new construction roofing, and roof repairs.

Is it Time for Commercial Reroofing?

No roof can last forever. When yours is starting to show its age, Division 7 Roofing provides commercial roof replacement (reroofing). Depending on the type of roof on your building, it could last anywhere between 15 to 40 years. Using quality materials and the proper installation methods, our team makes sure you have a quality roof that is built to last.

In addition to selecting the right roofing contractor, using a quality product is vital to the success of a durable roofing system. When the time comes to reroof your building, we perform a thorough roof assessment to determine a number of important factors required to properly design the new system.

High-Quality New Roof Systems

We go much deeper than the top layer to design and install new roofing systems. After all, the system is much more important than the top layer of waterproofing material installed on your roof. During the inspection process, we determine the number of roofs in place, their condition, the thermal resistance value (R-value), and the condition of the structural roof deck. After determining these things, we listen to your objectives and the design a roof to suite your needs. Most importantly, we use premium products from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

An Excellent Reputation for Quality Installation

For more than 30 years, we have installed premium roofs with a 100% success rate. In other words, Zero Roof Failures. Due to our excellent reputation, you can trust you’ll get a quality product. We work with general contractors for new construction roofing as well as with building owners to ensure their needs are met. To read our excellent customer reviews, visit our client testimonials page.

We proudly serve clients throughout Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding areas.

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