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Asset Management

The roof on your commercial building is the most capital-intensive asset you have and they need to be routinely inspected and maintained. Roofing asset management services are a way to maximize the lifespan of your roof. Keeping your roof properly maintained will also ensure that your warranty remains active. We can do that for you. We help you identify your custom roofing needs. Asset management can also include emergency preparedness and repairs, leak protection, and procedures for keeping your roof in pristine conditions.

How can Division 7 Roofing help?

Data Reporting

Division 7 Roofing will help you manage your assets efficiently with our proprietary reporting. We will give you insight into historical roofing data, analyze your preventive maintenance program performance, provide you with price per square foot roofing costs and more.

Budget Forecasting

Forecasting accurate maintenance costs is always a laborious process for property managers. We have streamlined the way you gather information about your building by compiling it all for you in an easy to read report. Never go searching for your annual spend ever again.

Property Insights

With so many different trades performing maintenance on your property, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Gain visibility into your property with our strategic client review. Illuminate historical trends that will guide you to understand how your roof is performing. We’ll show you key performance indicators on a large and small scale so you will know exactly what decisions to make regarding your property.

Become a strategic partner today and see the Division 7 Roofing difference.